Hi, I’m Pierre DUPONT, a french engineer student. I always have ideas in the back of my mind and sketches in my books.
I want to achieve professional growth by doing things I care about. One of them is to enable everyone to share his voice through movies. I want to be part of a team which empowers creativity to develop products users will enjoy.

Product Designing

Numerous experiences in Product Design. I love to fill up a need with creativity and innovation.

User experience

Seeing the smile on the face of users is what drives me to always do my best.

Team working

Best ideas always come from sharing with a team, I lead people to turn their ideas into actions.

Self-taught disciplines

New Ideas Per Month

Passionate About What I'm Doing

Why loft?

LOFT.DESIGN.CREATE is a website that I wanted to launch since a long time. Its main goal is to be an interactive résumé, but also a portfolio that would allow people to have a deeper glance on the things I do.


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Florent Pollet
Yves Thollon (Alaf)



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23 yo, French
Engineer, Designer, Creator

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